The more I think about the more I realize how amazing that episode was for us

I seriously don’t get how anyone could be unhappy with it.

It’s canon that Sam trusted Kurt enough to tell him his biggest secret, something that he hadn’t even hinted about to anyone else, he could have easily played that off, plenty of kids have jobs in high school, but no he obviously trusted him enough to not only tell him that his family wasn’t doing well, but show him the motel that his family lives in and trusted him not to tell anyone else his secret.

It’s canon that Kurt didn’t.

It’s canon that Kurt has known about Sam being poor, at the very latest, at the start of Born this Way and possibly as far back as Special Education (though personally I would say it was more around Sexy, Original Songs, or Night of Neglect).

It’s canon that there is a 50% chance that Kurt was the first person to know about this secret.

It’s canon that Kurt has been the only Glee Club member that has reached out to Sam that has not betrayed him.

It’s canon that every Glee club member with the exception of Quinn has no problem believing that Sam is gay or bisexual.

What more do you want?

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